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ハンクウカン ジョウハツリュウ ニ タイスル ギテイジョウカイ ノ ソンザイ ト ソノ コウセイ ニ ツイテ
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On the construction of pseudo-steady state solutions to half-space evaporation or source flows
Nonexistence of the steady state solutions
Construction of pseudo-steady state solutions
Halfspace evaporation or source flows
Fluid Dynamic Formulation
Phase changes
In dimensionally degenerate source flow problems in an infinite space such as half-space evaporation flows or source flows, the steady state solutions which satisfy the specified conditions at the boundary surface and at infinity do not exist. This is a well known fact. So far, the common understanding of this phenomenon of solution non-existent would be that the flow field of such kind never attains the steady state because the shock wave, which is produced at the same time with the onset of the evaporation process or source flow at the surface of the boundary, still remains and keeps propagating in an infinitely far field even after an elapse of infinitely large times. Of course, the transient or unsteady solution, in a strict sense, should surely exist. However, with the consideration of only the existence of shosk wave at infinity, the transient solution after an elapse of infinitely large times, which is called here the pseudo-steady state solution, can not be properly constructed. The present study reveals that, in addition to the shock wave, the contact region (contact surface in Euler terms, i.e., inviscid flows) also plays an important role in the formation of the flow field at all times. The contact region and the shock wave initially produced at the same time with the onset of the flow keep moving and propagating indefinitely in time and space, persisting forever at infinity. With the persistently existing contact region following the shock wave properly taken into account at infinity, one can construct a set of solutions, which might be considered to be the one for its virtually steady state. This is what the present study is concerned with.
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Reports of the Faculty of Engineering, Tottori University
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鳥取大学大学院工学研究科/工学部研究報告. 2008, 38, 109-115
Faculty of Engineering/Graduate School of Engineering